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IBM Community Festival 2021

November 08–17On IBM Expert TV

IBM Community Festival is taking over Expert TV

The time has finally come for our inaugural IBM Community Festival 2021 happening over five days,  8 - 10 November and 16 - 17 November. We decided last year’s two-day event just wasn’t long enough, so we’ve expanded it by three extra action-packed days full of diverse programming, fresh voices, and engaging content. There will be plenty of time for members to build connections with IBM Experts and each other, and exchange technical knowledge and information about IBM products and services. 

For this festival, we will be taking over IBM Expert TV. Subscribe to IBM Expert TV and gather with our IBM community of over 250,000 IBM users that brings together a global network of the world’s foremost technologists. This five-day festival will have days dedicated to user groups, the IBM Loyalty program, IBM Experts, and our Cloud Without Compromise program with an opening keynote presentation by Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of IBM Global Markets. We couldn’t be more excited to bring you the very best that the IBM Community has to offer.

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Meet the Experts

Natalie Brooks Powell

Strategy & Go To Market Leader  

IBM Center for Cloud 

ICCT on Expert TV: 

IBM Center for Cloud Training

Omar Farid

Partner Sales Engineer
IBM Data & AI

What's up, Watson?

Mitch Mayne

Public Information Officer

IBM Security X-Force

IBM Security: Behind the Shield

David Jenness

Events & Community Mgr.

Two Questions About Automation

Nick Bradley

X-Force Incident Command


IBM Security: Behind the Shield

Kinga Parrott

Chief Tech Ed. Evangelist
IBM Data Science
Open Education for AI

Debbie Kestin-Schildkraut

Blockchain & Global Alliances Ecosystem  Marketing Leader

IBM Systems


Darren Kaplan

Host & Growth Expert
The Data Standard


Yee Kee (YK) Chang

Lead Developer Advocate 

& Architect
IBM Cloud

Bob Spory

Technical Sales Leader
IBM Automation

Become a Business Automation Ninja

Dan Temkin

Technical Sales Leader

IBM Cloud Automation

Integration Super Hero

Melissa Sassi

Chief Penguin
IBM Z Channel Shows

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